In Detail: Stephanie

Stephanie is L+E SC's esthetician. She shares the space with other health and wellness professionals.

Stephanie Charbonneau

Laser Technician | Esthetician

+1 (514) 583-7045

With over 20 years of experience in the esthetics industry, Stephanie has gathered a loyal clientele that she is devoted to. Her goal is always to make them feel at ease when in her company. Trust and credibility being her main priority, clients can always expect honesty regarding expectations of products and services in the fast-paced field of beauty.

A little humour goes a long way in these - ahem - sometimes vulnerable and intimate situations of personal grooming, and this esthetics veteran is up to the task!


1993 Édith Serei School of Esthetics - Electrolysis
2007 Gordon Robertson Beauty Academy - Esthetics
2007 Coherent-AMT Training - Photoepilation LightSheer Diode
2010 International Competence Beauty Academy - Photoepilation
2015 Misencil Academy - Eyelash Extensions

Laser Technician
Electrolysis Technician