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We take pride in offering great value for money, top-notch products and professional equipment.

Facial Treatments

For all of its facials, L+E SC uses PHYT'S fully natural and organic products exclusively.

Leading the world in true organic skincare, PHYT’S not only meets the astringent standards of Ecocert organic certification, but exceeds it. PHYT’S guarantees organic purity and quality that is unique in the natural cosmetics market. PHYT’S is without any trace of chemicals, fragrances, animal products or chemical preservatives.

We promise you will notice a difference, with active botanicals, mineral trace elements and essential oils. Nourishes and treats all skin types toward optimal health.

Soin Équilibre   |   $65.00
An introduction to our organic facials. Suitable for all skin types, this treatment balances oil and water content, leaving your skin feeling hydrated, fresh, and glowing.    Duration: 1hr

Soin Anti-Comédon   |   $75.00
A deep cleansing facial specifically targeting acne prone skin, excess oil, or blackheads. Antibacterial minerals neutralize bacterial activity. A soothing camphor and mint mask ensure relief from redness.    Duration: 1h15m

Soin Oligo-Vital   |   $95.00
This anti-ageing treatment, with its cocktail of amino acid rich serums, targets fine lines and wrinkles by activating circulation. the result is a noticeable difference in the smoothness of your skin.    Duration: 1h30m